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About us

About us

NAR Group Ltd are the UK's Premier manufacturer of replacement radiators and oil coolers for Classic cars of almost all types.
We have been designing and making raditors for more than 45 years, our largest customer at present is Aston Martin, followed closely by Jaguar LandRover both of whom we supply directly with OEM product.

You can be sure that any product you purchase from us is made to exactly the same standards as those products we supply to the main manufacturers. We work to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, everything is 100% tested before leaving us and we guarantee our products to be free from manufacturing faults for 12 months from shipment date.

We have invested heavily in tooling to enable us to press radiator tanks which replicate the original designs, so visually there is little difference, the performance on the car with our radiators fitted is normally much better than the original.

When you purchase a replacement radiator from us, you are not just buying a radiator, you are buying an authentic approved replacement which is visually correct and performs extremely well.

We can also repair radiators and 'copy' old and obsolete radiators in aluminium and copper & brass if needed, as well as Vintage radiators that need restoring.